Karan Brar Talks Acting, Accents, and Jessie!

Karan Brar is a 14-year-old who got his acting start as Chirag Gupta in the Diary Of a Wimpy Kid franchise. Today, the young actor is best known as Ravi Ross in the Disney Channel’s Jessie.

We spoke to Karan recently about how he kickstarted his acting career and about what it’s like to be a part of the Jessie cast!

Karan Brar

When Karan was 7 years old, his father told him about how he used to be an actor in college.

He asked me if I wanted to try it, and I did!” Karan said. “I fell in love with acting.”
When he had been acting for about three years, Karan auditioned for the role of Chirag Gupta in Diary Of a Wimpy Kid. He did an amazing job in the audition and has since gone on to star in three Wimpy Kid movies!

Today, Karan is a fan favorite as Ravi Ross on the Disney Channel’s Jessie. In the original script, the character was a South American boy named Javier, but Karan’s audition convinced the Jessie team to recreate the role just for him.

“Landing a role on Jessie was a dream come true!” Karan said. “And it was so cool that they changed the role just for me! What was even cooler is that Cameron [Boyce] and I both auditioned for the same role, but they liked us both so they cast us both and created ‘Luke’ and ‘Ravi’!”

In the show, Karan’s character Ravi has a giant water monitor lizard named Mrs. Kipling. The 7-foot-long reptile’s real name is Frank, and spends a lot of time sharing the set with the actors.

“I work with Frank a lot actually,” Karan said. “At first I was scared of him, but after a while I realized he wasn’t that scary!”

Thought Karan adopts an Indian accent in many of his roles, he doesn’t have the accent in real life. It took a lot of work with a dialect coach to get the accent just right!

Karan Brar

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