EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Jessie’s Karan Brar!

We love all of the characters on Disney Channel’s hit show Jessie, so we were super pumped when we got the chance to have Karan Brar, who plays Ravi, answer a few questions. Check out our EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Karan below!

BOP&TB: Tell us a little bit about your character, Ravi, on Jessie.

Karan Brar: Ravi came to America about a year ago, so he has his own way of living and his own style. Since he didn’t grow up on the U.S., he acts completely different than every one else and as everyone can see, Ravi is one of those people that isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

BOP&TB: What do you enjoy most about playing Ravi?

Karan Brar: What I enjoy most about playing Ravi is that he is always doing wacky, goofy things!

BOP&TB: How are you similar or different from your character in real life?

Karan Brar: We are similar cause we aren’t afraid to be ourselves around others, and we are different because I don’t freak out as much as Ravi does in bad situations!

BOP&TB: Is it difficult for you to have to change your accent on the show?

Karan Brar: It’s actually not that hard. The hard part was learning the accent!

BOP&TB: What is it like working with all of the animals on set (lizards, bunnies)?

Karan Brar: Working with the lizard, Frank, is SO cool! But it’s a little scary since he has razor sharp teeth!

BOP&TB: What are some pranks you guys pull on each other on set?

Karan Brar: We pull all sorts of pranks! Sometimes we record each other doing the chicken dance behind someone when they are not paying attention. It’s SO much fun!

BOP&TB: What is it like having Debby Ryan as your nanny on the show?

Karan Brar: It’s really cool! Off set, Debby is like a sister to us, and when she plays our nanny on the show it’s really fun too!

BOP&TB: What do you and the rest of the cast do outside of filming together?

Karan Brar: We do all sorts of stuff! Sometimes we go laser tagging or to an amusement park.

BOP&TB: What are some there any funny/crazy stories that you and the cast have together?

Karan Brar: One time Debby, Cameron and I were dressed as zombies for an episode, and Debby had recently gifted us with a marshmallow blaster, so we went to the set of A.N.T. Farm to scare China and the rest of the A.N.T. Farm cast! We pelted them with marshmallows, but at the end we had to clean it all up!

BOP&TB: What is one of your favorite memories from being on Jessie?

Karan Brar: One of my favorite memories from Jessie is when Cameron and I were supposed to be freezing cold, so hair and makeup put fake ice crystals on our faces and in our hair, it was really cool!

BOP&TB: If you could choose someone to guest star on Jessie, who would it be? Why?

I think it would be cool for Selena Gomez to guest star in an episode because we know Ravi has a crush on her!

Posted May 2nd, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Jessie star Karan Brar Gives YOU a Tour of His Dressing Room!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work on a real TV set? Well, when you do, your dressing room is like your bedroom. It’s your place to relax in between takes and express yourself. We got a super insider look at Jessie star Karan Brar‘s dressing room recently with special tour guide…KARAN BRAR. That’s right, Karan gave a personal tour of his personal space on set and even explained the meaning behind some of his favorite dressing room decorations. Check out the video above and leave a comment below to tell us how YOU would decorate your dressing room if you were a TV star!

Posted April 25th, 2013

Karan Brar Answers Your Questions!

Karan130Karan Brar Answers Your Questions!

You asked your questions, and Karan Brar sent his answers. Read on to find out what it’s like to play Ravi on Jessie, and what his life is like outside of acting. Maybe he chose YOUR question to answer!
How did you get your acting career started?
Karan: At first, I wanted to be good at sports but that didn’t work out so well, and then my dad told me that he did theater in college and was wondering if I wanted to do it. I was willing to give it a shot, and to my surprise, I enjoyed it!

What was your first audition like?

Karan: My first audition was for a commercial, and it was really nerve-racking. It was super simple, but I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything wrong! In the end everything was ok, and after a few auditions, it came naturally to me!

Do you have any tips for people who want to go into acting?

Karan: I think people who want to be actors should know that there are going to be ups and downs, but to never give up. Your moment will come!

How did you get the role of Ravi on Jessie?

Karan: I auditioned for Jessie and then they kept calling me back to L.A. for more auditions! And after a few trips to L.A. and a few auditions, they ended up casting me!

Are you like your character in any way?

Karan: I like that Ravi isn’t afraid to be himself around others; we are similar in that way.

What is your favorite thing about being on the Jessie show?

Karan: My favorite part about being on Jessie is that we are all really close, so when we go to set, it doesn’t feel like work at all!

Is Mr. Kipling a real lizard or is it computed generated? If it is real, what is it like having a giant lizard on set?

Karan: Mr. Kipling is in fact real! Having a giant lizard on set is crazy. It’s so cool!

JessieChristmas_resizedWhat do you, Skai, Cameron, Peyton, and Debby do in free time on the set? Do you do a lot of pranks?

Karan: We pull tons of pranks on each other all the time, and during our free time we just hang out and mess around!

What are your castmates like?
Karan: All of my cast mates are amazing! Here is how I would describe them each in one word:

Debby (who plays Jessie)=fantastic

Peyton (who plays Emma)=amazing

Skai (who plays Zuri)=awesome
Cam (who plays Luke)=rad

Kevin (who plays Bertram)=spectacular

Who are you closest to on Jessie, and how has your relationship gotten stronger?

Karan: Cameron and I are very close; we are just like brothers! And the whole cast’s relationship has grown so much since we started Jessie!

How is it watching the cast (including yourself) grow and maturing in acting and also in life?

Karan: It’s really cool, because every day we learn new things!

How has being on the show Jessie changed your life?

Karan: It’s changed my life because I have learned so much and I’ve made so many new friends!

What’s your favorite episode of Jessie?

Karan: My favorite episode is “Used Karma” since it was one of the first episodes we ever shot!

What’s your favorite TV show besides Jessie?

Karan: I love all kinds of shows, but my favorite is Gravity Falls (rated TV-Y) because it makes me laugh all the time!

What’s your favorite cartoon ever?

Karan: My favorite cartoon is Lilo and Stitch (rated G). I used to watch it all the time!

What’s your favorite food?
Karan: My favorite food is pizza!

What is your favorite day of the week?

Karan: Friday, of course!

How many countries have you visited? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Karan: I’ve visited a few countries like India, Australia, and New Zealand! I would go to Hawaii if I could go anywhere, because I’ve always wanted to go!

How do you do your schoolwork? Do you like school? What is your favorite subject?

Karan: I do all my schoolwork on set with my set teacher; I love school. My favorite subject is Algebra!

Do you like reading? What is your favorite book?

Karan: I love to read, and my favorite book is the first Harry Potter book!

What is your favorite movie?
Karan: Finding Nemo (rated G) is my favorite movie!

Do you have any pets?

Karan: Yes I do! I have a dog named Levi!

Who is your best friend?

Karan: I have a few best friends back in Seattle, Washington, but my best friend in L.A. is Cameron!

Is it hard being a “super star” especially going out in public?

Karan: It’s not that hard going out in public. I actually enjoy going out in public because I get to meet fans!

Do you have a celebrity crush?

Karan: Haha! I’m not sure, but maybe Selena Gomez.

If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?

Karan: I would trade places with William Shakespeare because it would be amazing to see how acting was back then!

If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?
Karan: I would want to skydive! I think it’s so cool!

If you were not an actor, what would you want to be?

Karan: I love to act so I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t act!

If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

Karan: 1. I know this sounds cheesy but I wish I could end cancer.

2. I also want to end bullying so every person can be proud for who they are.

3. I’ve always wanted to travel around the world!

What is one thing you wish everyone would do to make the world a better place?

Karan: I don’t think anyone should judge others for how they look. If we didn’t do that, everyone would be able to be comfortable with who they are!

Oh, he is so much sweeter and cuter in person that I ever even imagined! Don’t you just love him?? Thank you so much, Karan, for answering our questions!


Posted April 19th, 2013

Jessie’s Karan Brar Talks Working on Set and Diary of A Wimpy Kid – Exclusive Interview


 Photo courtesy of Harvarinder Singh

BSCkids recently got the chance to talk with one of the star’s from Disney’s “Jessie,” Karan Brar! He spoke with us about working on the set with the other actors, what he does in his free time, and being a student and an actor.

Karan  is most known starring as Ravi, one of the newly adopted children into the ultra-rich Ross family on the hit Disney channel series “Jessie” opposite Debby Ryan, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce and Skai Jackson. His character Ravi is a new immigrant to the US, and struggles to adapt to his new surroundings while still trying to hold onto his religion and Indian culture.  Karan, whose family is originally from the state of Punjab, India, understands the importance of portraying the first ever series regular Indian character on The Disney Channel.  He is helping the channel expand culturally, while also helping to educate viewers on the Indian culture and religions.

He has also appeared on Disney’s “Austin & Ally” [as Ravi] and has also voiced the character of Prince Zandar in “Sofia the First,” also for Disney.  Karan is also well known for his starring role as Chirag Gupta in Diary of  a Wimpy Kid, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.  Karan also recently voiced the character of Mason, in Mr. Peabody & Sherman which is slated for release in March 2014.

BSCkids: Karan Brar

When did you first decide you wanted to act?

I first decided to act when I was 7 years old .

How supportive were your friends and family about your choice?

All my friends and my family definitely supported my choice to start acting, and still support me all the way!

So were you scared of Mr. Kipling when you first were on the show?

Yeah I was a little scared, but the trainers said he wasn’t going to kill me, or anything!

How do you get along with him when the camera isn’t rolling?

We can’t really touch him, but sometimes the trainers tell us fun facts about him and lizards like him.

What has been the hardest scene to film while on Jessie and how it is working with Debby Ryan?

There have definitely been scenes, which have been hard, but I think the hardest one was our season one finale when we were in that egg restaurant! It took so long to shoot, and there were so many stunts and special effects! Working with Debby is amazing; she is just like a sister to me!

Do you share any similarities with your character?

We share a few similarities, and one of them is that we both aren’t afraid to be ourselves!

How do you get in character?

A few minutes before the director says, “action,” I try to think about what Ravi is walking into, or how is he going to react to this situation.

Any information you can give us on new episodes of Jessie coming up?

I can only say that Jessie and Tony have some problems in the next episode, which they have to deal with. I can’t wait for everyone to see what’s coming up!

Is there an animal handler always on the set?

If we have any type of animal on set there are always trainers and handlers.

Can you tell us any funny behind the scenes stories?

One time while filming a scene on set, I was walking to a certain spot and tripped mid-way and fell on the ground! I got back up and continued the scene and it was sooo embarrassing, but we all got a good laugh out of it!

Who is the person that pulls the most pranks while on set?

All of us like to try to pull all sorts of pranks, but Debby and Skai actually pull off a lot of pranks!

Do you get recognized more from Jessie or from Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

I get recognized a lot for both of my roles!

Is it difficult to maintain being a student while acting? How do you fit in all of your schoolwork?

When we get brakes on set, we go up to our school room on the stage and do school up there! It’s not that hard since we have teachers there!

Is acting something you want to continue as you grow older?

Definitely, it’s what I love doing!

Do you find voice acting harder than the work you do on Jesse?

Both are hard to do, because in one you don’t have to worry about blocking or props you just have to use your voice, while the other requires to use your voice but you can use props and your body language to help!

Your favorite show on the Disney Channel (besides Jessie of course) and why?

My other favorite Disney show is “Gravity Falls”— it makes me laugh all the time!!

What about favorite actors and actresses from Disney Channel past or present?

My favorite actor on Disney Channel was Kyle Massey!

Any other shows you like to watch as well?

I love to watch all sorts of shows! I can watch anything from cartoons to reality!

We have heard you like collecting comic books, what would be the favorite comic book that you own?

My favorite comic book so far is Marvel’s Civil War!

What about your dream comic book you would like to own?

I don’t know! There are so many, it’s soo hard to choose!

 Are there any celebrities you are dying to meet?

To tell you the truth, when I first came to Disney Channel I was dying to meet all the other Disney kids cause I watched their shows!!

Posted April 10th, 2013

Karan Brar Attends Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival

Strawberries, celebrities and lots of family fun! The 55th Annual Strawberry Festival is back this Memorial Day Weekend (May 24-27) with more than 300,000 people expected to attend, 200 food and sales booths, 35 carnival rides, games, contests, music and live entertainment. Don’t miss the free giant strawberry cake-cutting ceremony on Friday night and the Saturday morning parade lined with cool classic cars, floats and celebrities including characters from “Despicable Me,” Karan Brar from “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and Disney’s hit show “Jessie,” and FOX 11’s own Christine Devine who is this year’s grand marshal! The festivities raise money for local charities and schools and take place on the Village Green between Main Street and Euclid Avenue in
Downtown Garden Grove.

Read more:

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EXCLUSIVE: Karan Brar Visited With Us About “Jessie,” His Family And More!

karan brar interview photo march 2013 EXCLUSIVE: Karan Brar Visited With Us About Jessie, His Family And More!

We had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Karan Brar from Disney Channel’s “Jessie.” We asked him questions about his series, what he likes to do in his spare time, and more.

Mr. Brar even answered some of our followers’ questions! So nice!

Take a peek:

Dis411: Tell us about your family. How many siblings do you have? How is your dog doing?

Karan Brar: I have one sibling and then of course, my mom and my dad. My sister’s name is Sabreena and she is one year older than me. My dog is doing great! His name is Levi and he is the greatest dog I could ask for!

Dis411: You visited India with your family in December. Can you share a story with our readers about your trip.

Karan Brar: India was so much fun! I got to see my grandparents after five years, and spend quality time with them.

Dis411: It seems like you and your “Jessie” co-stars get along so well and really are a happy family! What is it like working with them?

Karan Brar: Working with the cast is so much fun! They are more than co-stars to me; they are my best friends and my family.

Dis411: Can you give us any scoop on upcoming episodes?

Karan Brar: At lot of crazy things are going to happen, even some unexpected secrets and decisions!

Dis411: Do you have any other projects that you are working on besides “Jessie” right now?

Karan Brar: I am also working on a Disney Junior show called “Sofia the First” which has been a lot of fun! I am the voice of ‘Zander’.

Dis411: What kinds of things do you like to do when you are not acting?

Karan Brar: When I’m not acting I’m just like any other kid— I love to hang with my friends and just have some fun!

Dis411: Being that you are a part of the Disney family, what is your favorite Disney movie?

Karan Brar: There are so many that I love, but I have to go with WALL-E or Finding Nemo!

Dis411: Favorite Disney TV show (other than “Jessie”)?

Karan Brar: My favorite Disney show is “Gravity Falls”; it makes me laugh all the time!

Dis411: Favorite Disney character?

Karan Brar: My favorite character is Buzz Lightyear!

Dis411: Favorite ride/attraction at Disneyland/Walt Disney World?

Karan Brar: Space Mountain is my favorite ride!

Twitter Questions:

@iJessieNation asked, “@dis411 @thekaranbrar hey Karan! When are you guys starting on season 3? This summer maybe? icon smile EXCLUSIVE: Karan Brar Visited With Us About Jessie, His Family And More! ”

Karan Brar: We are about to finish season 2, but I’m not 100% sure when we are going to start season 3.

@ShqiprimRobeli wondered, “@dis411 @thekaranbrar What’s your favorite song?”

Karan Brar: It’s hard to pick; I love so many songs!

@UnionJ_Fiona11 wants to know, “What’s your favorite episode of Jessie? icon smile EXCLUSIVE: Karan Brar Visited With Us About Jessie, His Family And More! ”

Karan Brar: My favorite is “Used Karma”!

@PreciousAngel_ asked, “Outside of Jessie what do you and the cast member do for fun?”

Karan Brar: We do all kinds of fun stuff like going to theme parks or laser tagging!

We just want to thank Karan again for doing this interview with us. We so thoroughly enjoyed it!! icon smile EXCLUSIVE: Karan Brar Visited With Us About Jessie, His Family And More!


Posted March 13th, 2013